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Meet our Sales & Technical Staff
Keith Jones
Technical (Phone Ext:203)

Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, I have been a resident of Phoenix for the past thirty-two years. My career in the automotive industry began early on in 1977 when I worked weekends at my uncle's Union 76 gas station learning the basics of automotive, tire repairs, minor tune-ups and anything that had wheels. High school years were spent in vocational automotive and auto body classes, while after school and weekend activities involved racing in motocross competitions. A friendship with another racer introduced me to a 1966 Chevelle two-door and paved the way to racing at Phoenix Raceway Park. The 327 was eventually replaced with an LS7 454 which meant more rubber under the back and led to a tube Chassis Super Gas car we built and ran for years-ultimately moving into a super comp dragster which I also drove for many years.

During my twelve years here at Total Seal, I've had the incredible opportunity to travel all over North America, the U.K. and Australia, working with hundreds of different race teams and engine builders.These include NHRA & IHRA Pro Stock, Comp, Stock, Super stock etc., NASCAR , IRL (Indy), World rally car, FIA moto gp, Daytona prototype, GT1 2 & 3, Australian V/8 supercar, World of Outlaw sprint car, and many more. The diversity and knowledge I've gained from these organizations has given me a broad perspective on different engine designs and the ability to evaluate which piston rings work best in each. I enjoy working with our customers one-on-one to determine the best possible package for their engine and specific application. No one ever calls asking to make less power. It's my job to help them find it all.

When I am asked about what I enjoy most at Total Seal, it's the longevity and talent at all levels of the organization. I know for certain that I am a part of something great.
Kevin Studaker
Sales (Phone Ext:208)

I grew up in Waterford Michigan where my love for anything with an engine began. As a teen, I started restoring snowmobiles and motorcycles. At age 16 ,I purchased my first car which started a lifelong love affair for cars and bracket racing. I remember a 1974 Lemans being the first of many Pontiacs to adorn my driveway; Although, the favorite to date is the 1976 Lemans with a 400 Pontiac that ran low twelve's in a quarter mile in full street trim. Life goes on and Pontiacs have come in and out of my life. But, I can guarantee that I will always have at least one project Pontiac in the garage. Most recently I have been working on a 1971 Lemans GT-37. I finally finished its 435 cubic inch conventional Pontiac that makes 620 horsepower and 565 torque on pump gas.I moved to Arizona in 2000 and went to work for Total Seal, and I quickly moved over to Sales and Tech.Before I moved to AZ, I worked for 11 years in Troy MI at a premiere fuel injection company where my love for engines grew even more. In Arizona, I share my love for any LS based Chevy engine with all customers. During the weekends, I enjoy taking my 2000 SS Camaro to local car shows and track days with friends.
Ed Law
Sales (Phone Ext:204)

I was born a motor-head. My dad was a drag racer in New Jersey and I followed in his footsteps. As a young boy, I moved to Phoenix. I took several auto classes in high school and started working for a local Exxon Service gas station as a gas pumper (yes I did full service). I then progressed to busting tires and then to alignments and eventually engine repair. I worked on my old 1974 Nova and took it out to the tracks on Friday nights. I had a lot of fun and many useful learning experiences. I finished my mechanic career after 13 years - coming out as an ASE re-certified master technician.
About 1996, I got into motorcycles, and it just keeps rolling. I have had Hondas, Harleys, Buells and now it is a Suzuki Hayabusa. I have played with them all. I have also competed in Track Days on a 95 Honda CBR...always wanting to go faster and learning how to make them go faster. I have favorite roads in Arizona with lots of twisties that I love to ride on the weekends. I started working at Total seal in 1998. It has been great having the opportunity to talk with some of the most famous and fastest engine builders in the world. Learning from them and my fellow employees has given me valuable knowledge. My plan is to be with Total Seal for a very long time. This is a great place to work and I am treated like family.

Bobby Cheeseman
Sales (Phone Ext:216)

I basically grew up in Phoenix having moved here when I was nine years old fom Costa Mesa, California. I worked as a mechanic at various shops in the valley until 1989, when a friend and I decided to open our own auto repair and machine shop. I ran the machine shop end of the business until we split ten years later and then opened my own machine shop, (Frontier Machine). I built and rebuilt every engine under the Phoenix sun--we specialized in big blower motors, which I'm sure is why my hearing is shot. In my spare time, I raced Pro Mod drag boats in the IHBA race circuit, and attended every road race possible. If I wasn't racing it, I was helping the crew tear-down and fine-tune the engine in the pits. I got to know the race teams and grew to love the sport. In 2006, I sold the machine shop and came to work for Total Seal--it was one of the best decisions I have made. Total Seal is a great family-owned business to work for-I intend to make this my last pit stop .